VideoNet PSIM 9.1 SP6.1 security platform release

Dear users and partners!

Introducing the release of the VideoNet PSIM 9.1 SP6.1 security platform, which implements a REST API for sending ACS events to an external system in real time, supports new equipment - the Glory UW-F banknote counting machine, and optimizes work with QUEST controllers. The user interface has been improved; bug fixes have been carried out to improve the stability and reliability of the system.


New in release:

REST API for sending ACS events

To interact with external systems and build reports, the REST API protocol is implemented. VideoNet sends messages to external applications in real-time using the REST API, about events that are logged in the ACS log. VideoNet acts as a client, the application acts as a server.

VideoNet sends data, which is processed by the application, to the specified address. The transmission of event messages of the VideoNet system is implemented using the REST API event transmission module. Up to 10 data transmission modules can be connected to one computer. Each data transmission module provides for sending messages to one specified address.

Clip creation speed is increased by 6 times

The ability to quickly create a clip is a convenient feature that saves the operator time. The process of creating a clip has become 6 times faster. You can save the required data as a clip manually, automatically create a clip using the task in the schedule, or create a clip on command from an external system via VNCommandInterface.

Improved e-mail sending settings

Previously, for each Send e-mail reaction, you had to enter a complete set of e-mail server parameters. Now it is enough to set the e-mail server parameters on the e-mail servers page once and select its name in the settings.

New features of the vehicle access gate point window interface

In the access gate point window, manual entry of the licence plate of the vehicle, which is not registered in the database of cars allowed to enter, is implemented. For a one-time of the passage of a vehicle into the territory with registration of a licence plate, it is enough for the operator to enter the vehicles licence plate in the licence plate entry field. This functionality allows you to get data in analytical reports about vehicles that were not registered in the ACS database, but have been granted access by the operator.

Optimization of work with QUEST devices

To improve stability, the connection of the RS and IP controllers is separated into RS and IP adapters. Improved stability in networks with poor communication quality.


  • Implemented support for Glory UW-F banknote counting machine.
  • Improved work with CAME devices.
  • New version of the Total.IP platform:

Download VideoNet 9.1 SP6.1