Search and analysis system

Fast search for incident investigation

An intelligent data search and analysis solves an important and time-consuming task of finding data necessary for a detailed situation analysis and decision making.

The system allows to quickly find and analyze any event using the specified search criteria, quickly and effectively investigate incidents, resolve conflicts and review data in a detailed manner. Algorithms enabling fast retrieval of data from video archive can be used for various applications: city video surveillance, transport security, banking, logistics and industry.

VideoNet system utilizes Analysis Environment to identify and analyze alarm events. Analysis Environment offers comprehensive tools and filters to search across large video archives using specified search criteria and find required data as quickly as possible.

An advanced video search engine offered by VideoNet allows security professionals, in real time or virtually close to real time, to process data from hundreds or even thousands of cameras in certain minutes, for example to find an object or alarm event. When investigating incidents, powerful search tools allow to significantly save analysis time and reduce number of personnel involved to this task.

VideoNet incorporates Analysis Environment for fast archive search.



The main purpose of the environment:

  • Search data in metadata database using configurable search criteria;
  • Simultaneous event search and analysis from various sources (video, audio, access control, intrusion and fire alarm, external systems);
  • Display search results in configurable format and advanced playback and navigation tools;
  • Generate reports of different types and forms for any subsystem.


Analysis environment can be used for different applications, including:

  • Detection of moving objects exceeding speed limits or direction limits
  • Investigation of removed objects (stolen vehicle, intrusions, theft, etc);
  • Object color differentiation;
  • Detection of suspicious behavior;
  • Analysis of suspicious situations on video records for a specified time period;
  • Parallel acquisition of event-related data from all available sources (e. g., broken glass sound could be recorded before detected motion, etc.);
  • Generation of different reports based on video surveillance, intrusion and fire alarm or access control events;
  • Analysis of moving object activity, determination of basic movement paths or vehicles or visitors.


Search criteria


The solution is completely independent of the functionality or type of cameras – all calculations are performed by server. You can search across any number of cameras in various combinations using different criteria: whole video frame, selected area within a frame or another predetermined parameter.

Operator can specify object size or proportions, color, speed, movement direction. Also, operator can select additional search criteria like type of video subsystem-related alarm event, apply audio data filters, use messages from other integrated subsystems or devices, such as access control or intrusion and fire alarm detection.



Integral report


Complex search of all types of VideoNet system data – video surveillance, audio, security, access control, intrusion detection and fire alarm. It includes data from archive, event log, face recognition and metadata databases.



  • video data
  • audio data
  • graphic objects
  • text messages



  • video surveillance
  • intrusion detection and fire alarm
  • access control 


Интегральный отчет


Heat mapping


Heat mapping can be used to analyze objects traffic, calculate time spent by them in each zone, count number of unique objects and to show results on the heat map using different colors.



Events report


Analysis of text data retrieved from event log.



Occupancy report


Report can be used to identify persons stayed in a particular room during a certain time period. For more comfortable working with report data, you can sort it by column.


Кто был в помещении


Employee movement report


Report can be used to analyze movement of personnel over the facility. Report includes employee entry/exit transit via card reader with date/time stamp.


VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators