INTREPID hardware

Perimeter security system hardware INTREPID™

As part of the global integration and management of security systems hardware, the unified VideoNet platform supports the connection of INTREPID II perimeter security system (PSS) hardware — MicroPoint, MicroTrack, MicroWave — manufactured by Southwest Microwave ™. You expand the capabilities of the perimeter security system and increase the efficiency of the entire enterprise security system - thanks to the joint work of perimeter security systems, video surveillance, FIAS, ACS. You manage the entire security system, configure hardware, set parameters for entering/exiting a perimeter-protected object, implement individual scenarios for each individual case of alarm processing by a security officer, and set automatic system responses to events.

The integration of the VideoNet system with the INTREPID ™ II system allows you to fully automate monitoring of the state of a protected object (territory, building, factory, etc.) and conveniently manage perimeter devices directly from the VideoNet system graphic plans window.

In VideoNet, you can:

  • add perimeter security devices to the system configuration and configure their parameters;
  • arrange all the perimeter security devices on the graphic plan as they are located on your object for the convenience of managing the system;
  • control perimeter devices from the window of graphical plans: enable and disable guarding of segments and perimeter sensors,
  • get information about the status of devices located along the perimeter (segment alarm, sensor alarm, hacking of PM II, LU II modules, etc.);
  • configure the VideoNet system schedule. Perform actions in response to events occurring in the INTREPID ™ II system. For example, in case of alarm by sensor the recording will start by camera or microphone and sound signal will be produced (or any other actions);
  • send notifications about occurred alarms at guarded object and analysis of events, occurred in the system, using Event Log of VideoNet system.



Description of INTREPID II

Content of the system


MicroPoint ™ II is a fence-mounted system that uses state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to determine the location of an intrusion attempt with an accuracy of up to 3 meters and does not respond to false interference caused by rain, wind, or traffic. The best signal-to-noise ratio in this system, as well as a wide frequency range, significantly increase the accuracy of detecting the intrusion location and minimize the possibility of false positives (FAR/NAR). The maximum length of the perimeter protected by a single processor module is 400 meters. 

Main characteristics:

·          Ability to work on the basis of a single VideoNet platform

·          Determining the location of the intrusion with an accuracy of 3 meters

·          Powerful digital signal processing (dsp)

·          No false alarm problem

·          Sensitivity setting

·          Equally high probability of detection along the entire perimeter, regardless of the characteristics of the fence



·    MicroPoint™ MC-115 Cable

·    Processing module PM II

·    Connecting module LU II

·    Terminal module TU II 

·    Alarm input module AIM II/8

·    Relay output module ROM II 8/16

·    Relay unit RCM II

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MicroTrack ™ II is an underground cable perimeter security system designed to fully adapt to the environment where it will be installed. It sets new operating standards by providing hidden, terrain-skirting detection that is unified throughout the entire perimeter. The system shows the exact location of the perimeter violation using the spatial and temporal characteristics of the intruder. The maximum length of the perimeter protected by each processor module is 400 meters.

Main characteristics:

·          Ability to work on the basis of a single VideoNet platform

·          Determining the location of the intrusion with an accuracy of 3 meters

·          Powerful digital signal processing (dsp)

·          Detecting field follows the terrain exactly

·          Setting the sensitivity according to the characteristics of a specific object

·          Software division of the perimeter into zones

·          The same high probability of detection for each meter of the perimeter



Processoring module МТР II

МТС400-110, МТС400-210 Sensors

МТТ end modules  

MTI transition module

Relay control module RCM

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MicroWave 330 is a system of radio beam sensors for protecting perimeter, installed on open areas, gates, entryways, walls and rooftops. Based on Southwest Microwave's radio-beam detection technology, the system can detect an intrusion with minimal false alarms. Modern digital signal processing (DSP) allows you to continuously monitor its state by processing the parameters of the detecting field.  The MicroWave 330 sensor operates in the K range (24.125 GHz / 24.162 GHz (CE)).

Main characteristics:

·          Range up to 457 meters / 244 meters

·          Protection of open areas, gates, entryways, rooftops and walls.

·          Detection using multipath propagation of a K range signal

·          Digital signal processing provides a high probability of detection with a low level of false alarms

·          Tracking signal changes

·          Single network platform



·    MicroWave 330 sensors

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VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators