Intelligent video surveillance

Real-time surveillance

Easy to use and featured interface of the VideoNet system allows to manage a large number of devices and work with hundreds or thousands of video cameras. The navigation pane allows to quickly select the desired function and respond to event, thus making operator’s workflow more streamline and effective.




Ergonomic multifunctional and customizable interface allows to effectively meet any specific task. When developing VideoNet interface, we took into account different requirements for operator experience to ensure comfortable and streamlined workflow. We optimized number of actions that operator must take to perform a particular task.

When it comes to large systems incorporating much equipment, streamlined and comfortable workflow is one of the most important criteria. The less actions operator needs to take, the higher is workflow efficiency. To ensure that operator wastes no time on complex manipulations, the interface must be as comfortable and functional as possible.

VideoNet offers various user settings for monitor modes. You can use templates or customize workspace using displays of different types: video display, media player display, plan display, event display, event log, devices display, face detection display, control panel.

Graphical plans improves an overview and simplifies the surveillance workflow. Simply click a camera icon on the graphical plan to display full size image.



Media player


It can be used to easily view video and audio records from cameras, add them to archives or create clips. The media player can be added to any monitor mode as one of the displays or configured as a “popup” display when needed to save space.


Media player offers the following capabilities:

  • Select records depending on type;
  • Select records stored on specific volumes, or records made from a certain source, or records made at a certain time;
  • View audio or video records;
  • Protect records from removal in case of cyclic volume cleaning;
  • Add records to the archive;
  • Create clips;
  • Arrange selected sources in the video displays using integrated camera auto arrange function;
  • Select active time period when working with records;
  • Delete records from the archive. 



Surveillance process optimization 


  • Drag&Drop. VideoNet supports Drag&Drop to replace a complex sequence of actions by a single one-click action. This can be used in all the processes: setting selection, management, system usage.
  • Popup displays. Enables to manage system devices and monitor their status in a single window; fast access to media player or complex actions window to monitor and manage the archiving process and export clips.
  • User commands. With VideoNet, you can create user commands to automate most frequently used actions associated with security and external system management, thus minimizing tasks performed manually. You can create a button and assign action, for example, open the gate.
  • Security zones. Add security zones specific to facility layout to improve operator workflow. You can add devices to groups, control their status, manage device groups or entire system. Also, you can create graphic plans for each zone.
  • Special elements. User commands allow to automate the most frequently used actions. You can create a button and assign a certain action. This can be used to automate actions associated with security and external system management, thus minimizing routine manual tasks.
  • Event panel. Events requiring specific attention from operator. This can be used to alert operator about events requiring special attention. Alarm messages that appear on the event panel can be configured to require a certain operator action: acknowledgement or no acknowledgement.
  • Device group management. Group of elements (zones, devices etc) that can be managed as a single item, including editing of their properties
  • Configurable access levels. Different user access levels to configuring parameters, view or management. MS Active Directory support.
  • Web client. Fast and full-featured access from anywhere in the world without need to install any special software. Access from iOS, Android mobile devices, Windows Phone.


VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators