Adaptive object detector

Moving object detection

The detector considers a moving object as a whole item rather than changes between frames. If any part of the object did not move, e. g., person moved his hand only, adaptive detector considers the entire object as a moving object and continues tracking it on the next images. With adaptive object detector the system prevents false alarms, increases detection efficiency by using an intelligent mathematical algorithm adapting to environmental changes (day/night, illumination, etc.) and minimizes motion detection errors induced by noise reduction algorithm and dynamic noises.

You can configure automatic response to an event, for example, the system can activate recording of video and audio signal from the camera, send SMS message or e-mail, add record to video archive, launch application, produce audio alarm, generate report, send command to the actuating device or assign other event-based actions.


Effective object detection


The detector incorporates an advanced reduction algorithm for camera noise and dynamic noise (they are different) to minimize errors during moving object detection.



Detection zones of any shape and size


In most cases there is no need to detect motion within the entire field of view of the camera. You can simply select detection zones in different areas of the camera image. To optimize the motion detection, you can configure “exception areas” where movement detection is not needed.






In case of light conditions changes (day/night) adaptive object detector automatically adapts to new light conditions and continues to operate properly, so there is no need to configure different motion detection settings for daylight and night.



Moving object indication


It detects and highlights a moving object within camera field of view.

You can select any type of notification: e-mail with attached image, video recording or snapshot, audio alarm or other action.



Object settings


For each zone you can select individual motion detection settings. You can select proportions and size of the object in the zone settings, and the system will detect moving object if that corresponds to specified aspect ratio or size.





Use templates to define size and proportions of object. When using a template, pre-view display appears with a schematic representation of the objects where you can configure maximum and minimum size manually.



Advanced settings


You can configure zone sensitivity, aspect ratio error, detection time, reset time and ignored objects (which are smaller than specified size). Advanced settings allow to fine tune motion detector and eliminate false alarms.


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