Solutions for comprehensive security

Build a customized solution taking into account branch peculiarities and specifics of use. Control systems with a large number of equipment and servers as a single system from anywhere on the network, automate the processes of monitoring and protection, timely react and prevent a projected threats.

Safe city

"Safe city" Solutions

Solution for urban infrastructure with unlimited scalability, the ability to effectively detect incidents to reduce crime.

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Industrial plants

Solutions for industrial enterprises

A comprehensive solution interacts with adjacent systems, automatiseret the protection process in distributed, remote, and unattended objects.

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Solutions for airports

Solutions for transportation

A comprehensive solution detects incidents, performs a quick search of information, integrates video surveillance, access control and video analytics.

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Educational institutions

Solutions for educational institutions

The decision subsystem combines video, access control, FIES in a single system security and increases the level of security of students in educational institutions.

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Banks and financial institutions

Solutions for banks and financial institutions

The solution secures offices and ATMs to help prevent fraud, reduces the risks of financial and reputational losses.

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Retail business facilities

Solutions for Retail

The solution helps to protect your property, employees and customers, reduce losses, is also a useful tool to increase profits.

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