VideoNet Corporate

Professional solution with a high degree of protection to sensitive data

Designed for establishing a surveillance system and security c the increased requirements on information protection and access the system on medium and large sites, geographically distributed sites to build integrated solutions using video, audio, access control, FIAS, POS.

VideoNet enables effective monitoring of a large number of cameras, to create situational centers, monitoring, problem solving for detection of alarm situations in real time and respond effectively to their occurrence.

Effective program to control the IP & analog video,
audio, access control, fire alarm systems with a higher degree of protection

VideoNet Corporate — version software with no limits on system scalability and adding equipment. Gives the possibility of constructing customized solutions with the additional protection of system access and encryption of files. Allows you to efficiently manage systems with a large number of servers and hardware as a single system from any location. Automatiseret processes of observation and protection, allow to react and prevent a projected threats.

VideoNet is the perfect solution for daily monitoring in real time allows to effectively handle the alarms and quickly locate and analyze information in the archive for resolving disputes. Access rights - different access rights of users to configure, view, control, integration with MS Active Directory.

Real-time Monitoring

Interface. Ergonomic and multifunctional, individually configurable interface allows you to effectively solve all tasks

Custom settings. Any user setting modes monitors. The choice of templates, creation of individual space surveillance, display different types of Windows: videoone, the player window, window management plans, the event panel the event log window device, the window is face detection, a command bar.

Player.Allows you to conveniently view recording cameras, archive and create clips.

Graphics. Advanced graphic plans of objects – support for vector formats, the ability to use maps, create multi-level site plans with different levels of detail

Floating window. Managing system devices and monitoring their status from one window; a quick access player, window long-term operations for monitoring and managing backup processes and export clips.

Web client. Operational and full-featured access from anywhere in the world without the need of installing special software. Access from mobile devices iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Optimization of the processes of observation

Sections of the security. Adding partitions protection in accordance with the building for convenient operation of the operator. Grouping devices, monitoring their condition, managing a group of devices and the entire system. graphic plans for each zone.

Drag&Drop. simple sequence of actions will be replaced by one simple action in one "click". Technology is used in all processes: configuring, managing, and working with the system.

Specialized elements. Custom command automatiseret action that you execute often. Creates a button that when clicked, executes a certain action. Automation of actions to ensure security and control external systems, reducing the number of manual tasks.

Panel. Events requiring particular attention of the operator. Informing the operator about events requiring special attention. The output of alarm messages with a different type of response: mandatory confirmation and without required confirmation.

Monitoring centre. Effective monitoring of large and geographically distributed facilities All the information is in a single monitoring center and displayed on the screens of the operator. The management of the entire system, regardless of its scale and equipment used, can carry one or more people. The operator performs control of the situation and prompt response.

Efficient centralized management

Device group Management. Multiple choice items (sections, devices, etc.), allowing to apply the General steps and edit their properties

Permissions. Different user permissions to configure, view, manage. Integration with MS Active Directory.

Additional protection from intrusion into the system. Each protection key VideoNet Corporate Edition contains a unique code. The code is different for each user, so an enterprise edition with other codes and the regular version VideoNet can't be connected to the network VideoNet Corporate Edition user. It makes absolutely impossible the invasion of VideoNet network Corporate Edition, even in case of theft or unauthorized transfer of user passwords in the system.

rapid response

Automatic tracking potentially dangerous situations and responding to them;

Display events videoone and the graphic outline of the object in the event log.

Control devices connected to the system: manual and automatic mode.

Sound. two-way audio communication, built-in microphones in video cameras or the extra microphones and loudspeakers

Optimizing performance

Multi-threaded transfer. Allows you to receive multiple streams with different characteristics to view in real time and record, depending on the network bandwidth. Optimizes the load on the server and client.

Technology Multicast. Reducing the load on communication channels and network equipment, reducing the number of streams. Flows from one source to multiple consumers-operators are not duplicated, and transmitted only once. The distribution between consumers occurs in the last for consumers the switch.

64-bit architecture. Allows you to connect more cameras to the server.

Secure storage

Archive protection. Files are additionally encrypted using a unique user code. This makes it impossible to view the archive if it is stolen or unauthorized transfer by using the regular version VideoNet VideoNet or Corporate Edition with a different user ID.

High-performance video recording. System STORAGE™ provides reliable storage and high speed data access and maximum bandwidth utilization of the media. Reduces the risks of damage to archives in the event of incorrect completion of the work, provides high performance.

Automatic archiving. Automatic archiving of important information to external media or storage systems on schedule.

Accurate and fast decision.

Event log. Contains all events that have occurred in the system. Easily find and view events in the system for any period of time.

Search and analysis. Multivariate data analysis high speed processing of queries. Given the size, the proportions of the objects, their color, speed, direction. As additional search criteria, you can select events from detectors, to search by types of events, combine with filters audio messages from various subsystems, for example, ACS or OPS.

Consistent management and response

Environment of control and response. One environment to manage video, audio, access control, FIAS, POS

alarm event. Complex event from various sources and subsystems with parameters tuned trigger and videooriginal  operator

Situational awareness. Total interaction of all subsystems greatly increases the possibility of detecting a variety of alarm events, complements and enriches the process of protecting information and reactions.

Response to events. Use of programmable logic gives a large number of possible reactions to any connected  to VideoNet devices or subsystems.

Types of reports

Text report. Analysis of text data based on a sample from the event log

Integrated report. a Combined analysis of all data types subsystems (video, audio, graphics, text, events from access control, OPS, etc.). Based on samples from archives, event log and database of photos, metadata.

Analytical report.  “Who was in the room”, “Transfer of the object", "Working time”,“Processing”, “T13” , “Violations”

Heat map objects. Analyzes the intensity of the movement of objects, the duration of their stay in a certain area, counts the number of unique objects, displays color information on a heat map

VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators