Face recognition module

Face recognition module


Solutions based on VideoNet PSIM combine various methods of identification - from ordinary access cards to biometrics, built-in video, audio and neural network analytics, data from video surveillance systems, ACS, FIAS, and perimeter security systems. PSIM technology allows you to use any combination of data to identify a person and report on an incident.

VideoNet uses artificial intelligence and a PSIM approach to building a unified security system at facilities. Based on VideoNet, unique solutions are created that significantly increase the security level of any site and allow solving tasks that cannot be solved by traditional means. 




Identification of the person by the image of the face is the most demanded technology of artificial intelligence in the field of security systems. The face recognition module built into VideoNet PSIM can be used both for solving traditional tasks, such as controlling access to a site or detecting offenders, as well as for implementing unique and individual solutions thanks to the PSIM concept.

The use of face recognition module:


  • Identification of the person (comparison of the person with the base of employees, regular customers, criminals, etc.)
  • Access control to protected sites. Identity verification for granting access
  • Search for a person in the video archive of the video surveillance system

Algorithm of the face recognition module:


The face recognition module in VideoNet PSIM in real-time automatically selects the face image that is optimal for recognition, stores and recognizes it, comparing it with the reference images in existing databases. For example, it gives commands: a warning to the police or security services about the appearance of offenders in a protected area, sends a message to the manager about the arrival of a VIP client, gives a command to controllers of actuators when using a face as an identifier of an access control system.



Features of the face recognition module: 


  • Automatic real-time face detection
  • Real-time comparing of faces from a video stream with a face database
  • Perform actions on the result of recognition: allow or deny access to the site, call / inform the security service, issue an alarm, other, previously regulated actions
  • Face search in the archive by specified parameters: photo, age, gender, time and date



Convenience and automatization of the operator allows you to:


  • See the result of the comparison of faces detected in real time with stored face databases
  • Generate new databases based on detected and recognized faces with saving of information on the place and time of appearance of the person, links to the video clip in the archive
  • Manually create a face database for access to the site or premises
  • Search for people in the archive by specified parameters: photos, age, gender, time and date, emotions
  • Receive notifications for face recognition results
  • Automatically inform the security service about the fact that a certain person has appeared in the control zone or about the result of searching for the desired face in the video archive
  • Form reports
  • Automatically count faces
  • Generate alarm events when face is substituted by a photo

Person classification by face image:



Using the image of a person, following characteristics of a person can be determined: gender, age, emotions (joy, sadness, etc.). The definition of human characteristics is called classification. The classification of a person by the face image is used in many areas:


  • Analysis of the age structure of the audience, for example of a store or a restaurant
  • Analysis of the gender composition of the audience
  • Analysis of customer service quality
  • Search for people in the video archive by photo, gender, age, emotions


Access control to the site by face recognition



VideoNet PSIM allows you to organize a single solution for access control systems, video surveillance systems and face recognition systems. The face recognition module in VideoNet PSIM uses the object identification by face recognition, analyzes the image and makes automatic decisions, giving commands to controllers of executive devices. 

Access control system with face recognition


  • Automatically provides access to premises based on face recognition result
  • Ensures access to specially protected areas only to authorized persons
  • Uses the face recognition result as the main or additional access control identifier (card + face, only face, face + fingerprint)
  • Prevents unlawful intrusion of the site and helps in the search for offenders
  • Detects outsiders on site and generates alarms in real time

Search for a person by photo


To search for a person by a photo, simply select a person’s photo from the Faces Log, upload a photo from a file or from a Web camera, add it to the search window and configure the required similarity level between this face and faces in VideoNet events. System will find and show only those events, where the face in the image has the necessary similarity level with the face in the selected for search photo. And you can watch video clips with search results in one click.

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