Access control hardware Quest

Network controllers Quest


New network controllers QUEST:

  • Running a new, functional, user-friendly software ACS VideoNet
  • Connect to the network via RS-485 or Ethernet 
  • Support readers with interface Wiegand 26/34 and 1-Wire

Controllers QUEST – a modern, reliable, easy to use solution at an affordable price:

  • Highly reliable components from Philips, Atmel, STMicroelectronics, Mean Well Enterprises
  • Galvanic protection of all functional units of the scheme
  • Informative light indication of the operating status of the devices, available input voltage, output voltage, output power backup, charging the battery
  • Stable operation by the deviation of the input power to ± 15%
  • 100% output and quality control
  • Ergonomic housing

QUEST-8E (8000) – new network controller, made in the classic "box" form factor. For easy connection of equipment used in the system in a metal housing with vandal-resistant color provides additional mounting holes.


QUEST MK2-8E (8000R) is a new network controller performance "all-in-one". In a large comfortable enclosure there are two uninterrupted power supply high reliability, and also provides the ability to install two battery backup 4.5 A/h.




The Quest controller is an electronic module designed to:

  • access control in office and industrial premises;
  • accounting events (e.g., time of passage).

The controller supports the following modes:

  • two-door configuration;
  • odnomernoi configuration;
  • registration of working time employees, without being connected to the controller actuators.

The controller processes the information received from the reader and using the built-in relay provides control of connected actuators, e.g.:

  • electromagnetic locks or latches,
  • Electromechanical locks,
  • barriers and turnstiles etc.
  • To the controller at a time it can connect up to two readers with the same output Protocol. The controller in the performance of normal works with the reader with output Protocol "1-Wire" developed by Dallas Semiconductor®, or "Wiegand", was developed by company Wiegand®.

The controller can work both independently and as part of a network via Ethernet (as specified in EIA/TIA-568-A). To control the controllers are networked, it is recommended to use the software VideoNet 9.1.


Quest quest-8e

Quest mk2-8e


Software monitoring and access control


Videonet 9.1 software for the organization of the monitoring system and access control on objects of different scale: from small office to multiple buildings.

  • Add and configure hardware through masters
  • Personalization of badges
  • Managing user groups
  • Managing device groups
  • Device management the graphical schedule object
  • Photo and videooriginal
  • Clear, detailed reports
  • Uploading and using reports in document organization
  • Informing about the events of the ACS, including sms



Quest quest-8e

There are three options of delivery of the software, depending on the number of connected controllers and servers. 

Use the Online catalogue and select the perfect version of the software.


Software modules


VN-ACS - server software ACS VideoNet.

VN-and VN ACS-ACS-Client — Software CLIENT. Is the main working environment of the operator, has a friendly user interface and is designed to work with databases, reporting, monitoring, etc.

SM - Verification — verification Module passes. Additional software module allows the identification of the owner of the access card, comparing the identity of the passing of an employee and his photo stored in the database of the security system.

SM-WorkTime — tracking Module time.VideoNet system allows you to keep records of working time of employees, monitor their presence, absence, tardiness and processing. To configure the system time tracking in the system developed VideoNet convenient features that fully automatiseret process time tracking of staff access cards. You increase the level of security in your company, and discipline employees. This functionality is especially important in organizations where salaries depend on the number of hours worked.

A variety of reporting forms reflect the real working hours of employees, help to establish the scope and causes of lost work time.Reports can be build by selected dates, employees, departments or the organization as a whole. Convenient discharge of the main reports in pdf, Excel, html, rtf, bmp makes it possible to further use outside of work time VideoNet and gives the possibility to include reports in the workflow of the organization.

SM-Device — Module that allows to connect to software VN-ACS single ACS controller.

EIM-Quest — integration Module manufacturer. Allows you to use in the software production equipment Quest. (licensed by number of servers connected equipment in the system).

You can augment the capabilities of ACS professional video surveillance system and to obtain complete solution.

Technical characteristics of the controller QUEST



Controller Quest-8E / Quest-8000R

Quest Controller MK2-8E / Quest MK2-8000R

connection Interface line : Ethernet / RS-485 Ethernet / RS-485
Voltage : (12 ± 0.3) b DC (220-240) V, (50±5) Hz
Output voltage of each PSU to the connected load  - (12±0,1)
Rted load current of each PD - 2.8 A
Type of connected battery - 12V
Protect the battery from incorrect switching - E
Protect the battery from deep discharge - turn-off Threshold 11V
Short circuit Protection/overcurrent - E
Current consumption: 
     in idle mode, no more than  120mA 100mA
     packet switching is not more than  500mA  500mA 
Number of connected readers: 2 2
Number of operated relay 2 2
    switching voltage up to  30V DC 30V DC
    switching current is not more than 3A 3A
    the response time of relays (programmable) 0.5 C to 25C from 0.5 C to 25C
Max. the capacity of the Bank memory key / Max. the Bank capacity of event memory: 8000/8000 8000/8000
Max. while identification key (4000) 1,2  1,2 
Max. while identification key (8000 key) 1,3 1,3
Max. the number of controllers in a network no limit free
Relative humidity (at temperature +20°C) not more than 90% 90%
Ambient temperature: +2°C to +40°C +2°C to +40°C
Overall dimensions: 200х190х45 mm 350х240х75 mm


QUEST controllers developed and manufactured by the Corporation SKYROS at its own production plant, taking into account Russian specifics:

  • For enhanced protection, the Central microcontroller is galvanically isolated from the main power Board.
  • Ensures stable operation of the device when the deviation of the input voltage to ± 15%.
  • In the case of the device "QUEST MK" is equipped with two switching power supply unit of high reliability.
  • For ease of installation and commissioning of the controller terminal strip is removable.
  • The controller is easy to use, aided by a competent PCB layout and rational layout of elements.

Application TQFP form factor AVR Mega made the device compact and allowed us to add auxiliary circuits protection in its circuit.


VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators