Benefits of PSIM

VideoNet PSIM Getting closer to your goals

VideoNet PSIM offers a new outstanding capabilities and approach to security. We created an intelligent way to integrate access control, intrusion & fire alarm devices, and video equipment from various vendors on a single operating platform. With VideoNet, you can easily manage all subsystems and any individual device to see a big picture of your facility.

VideoNet software solution offers seamless integration capabilities to achieve complex security approach, consolidation and functional expansion of all connected devices.



Single Control Environment




VideoNet offers a single point of control and response by integrating various equipment into a common platform:

  • IP cameras 
  • access controllers
  •  fire and intrusion alarm devices
  • POS-terminals and cash-counting machines 
  • ATMs and banking equipment
  • perimeter intrusion sensors
  • industrial equipment
  • DVRs and NVRs
  • AHDM, 960H standard cameras
  • microphones
  • actuating devices 
  • audio, video and data analysis 
  • third party external systems


A whole system can be managed by single or several operators irrespectively to its complexity and equipment used. Operator can easily monitor situation and make proper decisions, handle alarm events in real time and effectively response when they occur. 


VideoNet PSIM key features 


Third party devices support. VideoNet PSIM offers a flexible and scalable solution and allows you to protect investments through the use of your existing equipment and infrastructure.
Situational awareness. Gives a big picture using complex data from multiple sources: video cameras and DVRs of various standards, access control, intrusion and fire alarm devices, microphones, perimeter intrusion detectors, industrial equipment, POS terminals, commercial and other external systems – integrated in a single informational environment. 

Cost-saving solution.  Customizable to meet different customer needs. With modular architecture, customer can pay only for those functions that are really needed to get maximum value from security system, save ownership and maintenance costs.

Effective solution. Significantly improves detection of any abnormal events, enhances security capabilities and delivers crucial data, makes faster complex alarm response. You can get maximum value from using security system, make proper decision faster and more effectively response to critical situation.



VideoNet PSIM software offers following capabilities:


  • Acquires data from virtually any number of integrated devices
  • Analyzes and compares data, events, statuses and signals
  • Detects critical situations and prioritizes them
  • Notifies operator in a convenient manner about event to facilitate decision making
  • Provides post-analysis and generates reports 
  • Controls operator actions and response time


Automation of standard operation procedures allows operator to make proper actions in every situation and effectively response to potential hazards.

VideoNet PSIM represents a flexible and intelligent solution allowing to maintain the highest standards of safety and security for your business, staff, assets and customers. This is a cost-saving and scalable solution capable to meet your current and future needs.

VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators