Integration on VIM

New possibilities with VIM module

Using VIM module developers can integrate any application-specific hardware and software systems. For example, VideoNet system can be integrated into industrial management systems (SCADA) to manage industrial processes and product quality. Also, it can be integrated into CRM and inventory management software to easily control deliveries.

VideoNet Integration Module (VIM)
is designed to integrate your software to VideoNet system.

Integration of VideoNet video surveillance and security system with third-party software solutions enables cost optimization, complex management of business processes and improved situational awareness.




Key integration benefits:

  • A single informational system and reports generation
  • Management of other information system resources
  • A single operator workstation to manage multiple systems
  • Standardization and optimization of enterprise business and information processes



VIM module represents a set of application programming interfaces (API) providing access to resources and management of VideoNet 9:

  • live view from camera or audio from microphone,
  • access to video records and event logs,
  • device status monitoring
  • device management,
  • access rights.

VIM applications


  • Video streams from cameras associated with any server in the VideoNet network can be delivered to the user application,
  • VideoNet infrastructure and functional capabilities, including video processing, storage and video streaming can be used in user application in a convenient interface for end-user.
  • Custom integrated security systems, GIS, etc. can be developed based on VideoNet system
  • Access control systems not currently supported by VideoNet1 can be integrated for video verification of visitors by events (open doors) and video analysis of alarm events.
  • Intrusion detection and fire alarm systems not currently supported by VideoNet1 can be integrated for video verification of alarm signals from fire detectors and automatic activation of PA/VA systems; video recordings for post-analysis of intrusion events.
  • POS systems can be integrated for POS transactions monitoring, product payment and shipment video evidence with overlaid receipt data, payment process monitoring by security personnel.
  • Other video surveillance systems (CCTV) can be integrated when needed to use devices not supported by these systems, but supported by VideoNet 9 or to use its analysis capabilities.
  • Industrial automation systems (SCADA) can be integrated into monitor industrial processes: counting of products moving over conveyor belt, sending alarm messages to personnel, sending emergency stop commands to industrial machines in case of process value deviation.





All these devices and systems can be integrated using.Net Framework or COM technology.

VideoNet Integration Module represents a set of ComVisible.Net classes and interfaces. VIM module can be used from managed (.Net ) or unmanaged (COM) software.

VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators