Tamper detector

Find the loss of "useful" signal

The sabotage detector real-time analysis of video images from the cameras and detects an alarm situation associated with loss of signal overlap camcorder a foreign object, focus lost or illumination image, lapel camcorder - changing the field of view. The security system takes the decision to sabotage and instantly informs the operator about the incident. Detector sabotage increases the efficiency of large or geographically distributed video surveillance systems when monitoring a large number of cameras.

The automatic reaction of the system VideoNet on the occurrence of the event of detector sabotage will attract the attention of the operator. For example, you can customize the notification sound, alarm panel message event , and sending SMS or email messages.


Tamper detector triggers in the following conditions


  • no camera power supply;
  • defocused lens;
  • camera blinded or covered;
  • partial signal loss;
  • changed camera orientation;
  • high noise in video (higher than expected level).


When tamper detector triggers, the system generates alarm.





When tamper detector triggers, the system can deliver output alarm message. Also, the system can reflect acknowledgement of the alarm message by operator in the event log. This can be used to ensure that operator is accurate and vigilant as well as for incident reconstruction. You can select any type of additional notification: e-mail with attached image, video recording or snapshot, audio alarm or other action.





Tamper detector cannot be affected by environmental effects (e. g., snow), moving objects, camera vibration or luminance variations in video signal that typically occur as a result of hardware-based automatic gain control (AGC). You can fine tune tamper detection using sensitivity setting. This setting allows to adapt tamper detection to specific requirements and eliminate false alarms.



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