Automatic number plate recognition module

Vehicles access control for facility security

Vehicle access control solution allowing to manage access to the facility territory, warehouses or residential complex, customs terminal or business center, parking or restricted access area.

VideoNet system allows flexible programming of system operation scenarios and various ways to inform operators. Operator can manually enter car plate number and this fact will be reflected in the event log along with operator ID. Also, operator can search car plate number in the authorized number plate database and open the barrier.



With wide flexible settings you can organize the work of the checkpoint for each site individually. Visitor car plate numbers can be added to database containing vehicles allowed to enter individual time schedules for them can be created. VideoNet system offers possibility to configure any available event-based action for event when vehicle crosses check area.

For creating a single security system and reducing costs for organizing business processes at the enterprise, VideoNet platform offers car plate numbers recognition module. For effective vehicle plate number recognition depending on movement speed, illumination requirements for the check zone, CCTV system and installation location, you can select recognition subsystem with maximum economic efficiency.

Car plate numbers recognition module offers following capabilities:

• Automatic recognition and recoding of car plate numbers

• Adding car plate numbers to database along with movement direction and date & time stamp.

• Video recording of transit events. Video playback using event from log. • Automatic searching of car plate numbers across databases and alerting operator with a corresponding message.

• Automation of access mode, access devices and barrier management. • Search across databases by number, date, time, recognition result, movement direction.

• Overlay indication of recognized car plate numbers

• Notifications about transit events via SMS, e-mail, frozen image, audio and etc.



VideoNet system stores all transition events in event log. VideoNet system allows to generate following reports: vehicle transits, date & time, recognized or non-recognized car plate numbers, manually corrected by operator car plate numbers, transit points, vehicle time on territory.

VideoNet PSIM provides effective cooperation between car plate numbers recognition system and access control system. You can:

• Assign vehicle data to the person data to manage access control using vehicle;

• Use vehicle access control based on double verification: vehicle access can be granted only provided that plate number is recognized and driver has valid access card.


Effective cooperation between car plate numbers recognition module and access control environment by VideoNet PSIM allows to completely automate vehicle transit process. You can create time schedule depending on work schedules of employees, e.g. field service technicians, and use the employee's car numbers for their time & attendance.

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