Audio system

Alarm by sound and acknowledgement by video

VideoNet incorporates an audio system that enhances video surveillance capabilities, facilitates in detecting threats and response actions. Audio system is an advanced tool for incident investigation that improves security efficiency.

Audio system offered by VideoNet system records audio data, analyzes audio level and duration, and synchronizes audio data with video image. Online data analysis tools allow to solve complex tasks and accurately reconstruct any moment of incident occurred to ensure fast response, effective incident post-investigation and quick data search.


VideoNet audio system key features


Audio system of the VideoNet offers:

  • high performance audio recording subsystem;
  • optional password protection for audio data;
  • long-term audio archives.


You can quickly find out the event that triggered video or audio recording. Different combinations of video and audio data are available for fast data search.




VideoNet platform supports:

  • video cameras with microphones;
  • microphones and loudspeakers.


VideoNet platform can:

  • record audio;
  • detect noise;
  • support 2-way audio communication;
  • deliver video clips to cameras;
  • Create audio and video clips.


Noise detection and alarm event


VideoNet security system can effectively integrate audio and video data. The first thing that appears before most incidents is noise. For example, this can be broken glass, screams, claps or shots. VideoNet system automatically detects abnormal noise and immediately alerts operator about alarm event.



In VideoNet solution, you can simply select noise detection settings for microphones depending on the noise level in the facility, and no further re-configuration will be needed. Noise detector triggers when predetermined noise level or duration threshold is exceeded, and the system automatically responds to an alarm event.

VideoNet system enables to schedule automatic event-based actions to be performed when the system detects noise deviation from specified values. You can select any type of notification: alarm message, live view from target camera or adjacent cameras, audio alarm, SMS message, e-mail. As an incident preventive measure loudspeakers can be connected to the system for voice communication with violators


Noise detector settings:

  • Noise detection settings for each microphone according to average environment noise level;
  • More than one noise detection configuration for each microphone;
  • Noise level thresholds;
  • Noise duration thresholds.


The system can automatically use different noise detector settings based on a schedule, for example, working hours of a facility.



Audio system of VideoNet system can be used effectively used for commercial applications, e. g., to improve customer’s service quality.



Get full information about the situation in one solution using high-quality sound recording and the capabilities of a video surveillance system.


  • Customer service quality control;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Employee performance evaluation;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.



Voice recording system VideoNet Audio is designed to build a system for monitoring and recording audio and video in real time. The efficiency of the complex is ensured by external network modules for conversation recording PowerVN4-AudioIP and PowerVN8-AudioIP, an audio detector that detects events (for example, exceeding the specified sound level, loud voice, clap, hit) and notifies responsible persons for taking action. The video surveillance system can act as a confirmation system that provides additional evidence for the analysis of situations and incidents.




Ensuring security in state institutions, banks, in crowded places and at strategically important facilities, identifying corruption and information leakage, improving customer service.




Securing transport objects. Audio recording of conversations at transport facilities is carried out in the PCM format, that is, without the use of any codecs that could affect the recording quality.






Ensuring security in the customer service area, quickly resolving conflicts, preventing fraudulent activities.




Improving staff efficiency and customer service, monitoring remote offices, conducting incident investigations, minimizing the risks of confidential information leakage.


PowerVN-AudioIP module




For recording conversations, the network modules PowerVN4-AudiolP and PowerVN8-AudiolP are used, to which from 4 to 8 external microphones or intercoms can be connected. The module has an Ethernet interface for connecting to a computer network.

Important advantage:


Connecting an unlimited number of PowerVN4/8-AudioIP modules located in different places and combining them into a single audio recording system, controlled from one workstation. The audio module provides high-quality recording of conversations without compression (PCM standard) and is used to solve a wide range of problems.

PowerVN4-AudiolP and PowerVN8-AudiolP specifications


  • Digital Recording Standard - PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), 16 bit;
  • Data Compression - No Compression;
  • Sampling frequency - 16000 Hz;
  • The number of connected microphones - 4 or 8 (depending on model);
  • Ethernet interface.   


For sound recording, VideoNet PSIM offers: 


  • Powerful audio data recording subsystem;
  • Additional protection of audio data by password;
  • Archiving audio data for long-term storage/


Solution Advantages: 


  • High quality sound and conversation recording;
  • Single audio and video recording system;
  • Remote device management from one place;
  • Quick access to archive.

VideoNet PSIM software is used to record audio and video evidence. Recording is carried out to the server, the storage of the audio archive is unlimited in time and depends only on the settings selected by the user. The user can listen to the sound for any selected period and at the same time view the cameras from the scene.


Sound Alarm - Video Confirmation 

The joint use of sound detection, video surveillance functionality, video analytics integrated in VideoNet PSIM software, face recognition module - will help to quickly identify and prevent an incident.


Quick incident investigation 

With the help of intelligent search through the archive, you can quickly analyze a huge amount of audio and video information, quickly and  effectively investigate incidents, resolve conflicts and conduct a detailed study of the accumulated information.


The solution for recording conversations on VideoNet PSIM can be used to organize audio recordings at transport facilities. The system complies with all the rules of mandatory certification of technical means of ensuring transport safety, which is regulated by Russian Government Directive No. 969 of September 26, 2016 «On the approval of requirements for the functional properties of technical systems of ensuring transport safety and the Rules of mandatory certification of technica systems of ensuring transport safety».

VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators