General specification

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VideoNet-Light VideoNet-Business VideoNet-Pro VideoNet-Corporate

Technical specification

Supported operating systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 2019 и 2022

Microsoft Windows 10 и 11

Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 2019 и 2022

Microsoft Windows 10 и 11

Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 2019 и 2022

Microsoft Windows 10 и 11

Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 2019 и 2022

Microsoft Windows 10 и 11

PSIM platform

Hardware support for video devices (IP, analog cameras, NVR, DVR, etc.)

Hardware support for ACS devices and controllers

Hardware support for FIAS panels and devices

Hardware support for perimeter security devices



Support for the full OPC DataAccess 2.0 specification



Number of VideoNet servers in the system


to 4

to 24


Total number of servers and workstations


to 10

to 24


Number of cameras in the system

to 32

to 256



Number of ACS controllers

to 10

to 20



Number of FIAS devices

to 10

to 20



Number of perimeter security devices





Number of POS devices





Number of banknote counting machines per server





Support for multi-monitor configuration

Video wall control

Multi-level differentiation of user access rights

Specialized data storage format




Additional archive access protection




Additional system access protection




Service of centralized auto-updating of the system over the network

Access via the Internet using a web browser from a computer or mobile device

Working with mobile clients of the system for Android and iOS

Cross-platform client for Windows, Linux and macOS

The number of remote clients for one system node included in the cost of the basic license





Notification by e-mail or sms about necessary/certain events and incidents registered by the system

Possibility of interaction of the VideoNet system with software products of third-party developers


Configuration environment (setting up and administering the system)

Surveillance environment (monitoring of the object of protection)

Access Control and Management System environment (setting up a schedule, accounting of working hours and access to the object)

Advanced Analytics and Search Environment


Customizable user interface

Event logs (events, faces, passages, ACS configuration, access to the archive, system)

Alarm events panel

Device window

Archive tags window

Reports in graphic view

Multilingual interface

Graphic plans

Graphic plans

Creating multi-level plans

Placement of equipment for video surveillance systems, ACS, FIAS, perimeter security on the plan

Automatic positioning and scaling on the alarm element

Viewing video from the camera directly on the plan

Displaying the state of devices on graphic plans

Device management from graphic plans

Positioning on the plan for a specific event or alarm


Microsoft® Active Directory

Automatic search for video surveillance devices, ACS, FIAS, perimeter security (local and network)

Centralized device management

Import/export of system configuration

Remote system diagnostics and monitoring



Setting up system behavior when events occur from devices, video analytics and user actions

Alerts and notifications

Alarm messages

E-mail notifications, including sending photos from video cameras

SMS notification

Titration of messages in the video window

Logging: system events, device statuses, user actions

Mobile client and web access

Viewing by one camera

Viewing by all cameras

Broadcast of audio by cameras (only for iOS mobile app and cross-platform client)

Frame rate control

Viewing the archive

Control of executive devices

Control of PTZ cameras

Event log

Video surveillance system

Local and remote configuration of video devices

Connecting video devices using ONVIF and manufacturer protocols

IP, analog, 960h, AHD, HDCVI, HDTVI video device connection

Recording video data

Recording audio data

Writing data to a local server

Writing data to network storage

Scheduled recording

Recording by event

Recording by alarm

Emergency recording

Image quality management

Digital zoom

Archive depth





Loop recording

Video and audio storage time limit

Playback from multiple cameras

Export of audio/video data in the selected format

Multicast broadcast



Alarm inputs/relay outputs

Support and control of PTZ cameras, presets and patrols set up

Multi-stream support for IP cameras

MPEG-4, H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MxPEG, DVPACK2 video compression algorithms

Support for Intel Quick Sync Video technology

Working with on-board memory of video devices via ONVIF Profile G protocol. In case of loss of connection with a video device, it ensures copying of video from the on-board memory of the device to the system archive after connection is restored, both automatically and at the operator's command.

Support for Fisheye cameras

Video Analytics

Neural network object type recognition detector (person, car, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, dog, train, plane, truck, water vehicle)

Neural network queue length detector with the ability to determine the queue (cluster) of objects detected by the neural network detectors of the system

Neural network detector of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Neural network firearms detector

Neural network detector for determining special vehicles (ambulance, fire, police)

Neural network smoke and fire detector

Neural network detector for determining the presence or absence of a mask

Face detector

Motion detector

Line crossing detector

Direction detector

Abandoned object detector

Adaptive motion detector

Object counter

Smoke detector

Fire detector

Sabotage detector (camera signal loss, camera overlap, camera shift)

Sound detector

Selecting custom detection zones

Intelligent data search in the video archive


Working with on-board video device detectors via ONVIF Profile S protocol

Heat map report

Neural network training for the customer's tasks



Face recognition

Working with the Tevian face recognition module


Automatic face detection in real time


Logging a recognized face


Matching faces to face database (unlimited)


Classification of a person by face image (gender, age, emotions)


Automation of the checkpoint regime


Multi-factor access identification: by face, card, fingerprint, vein pattern


Automatic control of executive devices based on the result of face recognition


Informing by SMS, e-mail, etc.


Search for faces in the archive according to the specified parameters: photo, age, gender, time and date


Automatic face count


Forming an alarm when replacing a face with photographs


Report generation


Vehicle licence plate recognition

Licence plate recognition (BASE core up to 30 km/h)

Licence plate recognition (Automarshal core up to 270 km/h)


Licence plate recognition (Automarshal core up to 150 km/h)


Automatic recognition, registration of vehicle licence plates

Saving the vehicle licence plate in the database

Video recording of passage events

Automatic comparison of vehicle licence plates with databases

Automation of the checkpoint regime

Automatic control of executive devices based on the result of licence plate recognition

Informing by SMS, e-mail, etc.

Search for events by different criteria

Vehicle access control in the Access gate point window

“Cars in the territory” report

“Parking time” report


Rotate the camera to a specified area in the video window

Manual control

Automatic object tracking

Preset mode

Control by joystick, system controller

Access control and management system

Working with ACS controllers QUEST, HIKVISION, ZKTeco, BOLID, CAME, GATE

Automatic search for ACS devices

Local and remote configuration of ACS devices

The number of ACS databases at sites independent of each other, which are under the protection of a single VideoNet system


to 4

to 24


Number of users, departments, access groups





Import employees from a file or Microsoft® Active Directory

Adding cars to employees, accounting for employee access when driving

Number of schedules





Support for flexible work schedules

Accounting and control of working time

Passage verification function

Multi-factor access verification (key, code, faces, vehicle licence plates, prints in any combination)

Organization and operation of antipassback zones (global antipassback)

Organization of gateway access

Graphic pass editor for employees and vehicles, pass printing

Control of ACS devices from graphic plans

Displaying the state of devices on graphic plans

Processing events from ACS devices in real time

Automatic reactions to events

Connection of Alkobarrier breathalyzers with the ability to control access and/or the condition of employees based on the results of breathalyzer testing



Access verification support for PERCo ACS



ACS reports

“Who was in the room” analytical report

“Movement of employees on the site” analytical report

“Working time” analytical report

“Overtime” analytical report

“Working time and overtime” analytical report

“T13” analytical report

“About violations” analytical report

“Arrival and departure of employees” analytical report

“Time spent on the site” analytical report

“Cars in the territory” analytical report

“Parking time” analytical report

“Movement of cars on the territory” analytical report

“Access to the rooms” analytical report

“Employees access” analytical report

“Alcohol test results” analytical report




Working with the security and fire alarm system

Automatic search for FIAS devices

Local and remote configuration of FIAS devices

Management of FIAS devices on graphic plans

Displaying the state of devices on graphic plans

Processing events from FIAS devices in real time

Automatic reactions to events

Perimeter security system

Working with INTREPID II, TREZOR, TREZOR-IP perimeter security systems



Automatic search for devices of the perimeter security systems INTREPID II, TREZOR, TREZOR-IP



Local and remote configuration of PSS devices



Management of PSS devices on graphic plans



Displaying the status of PSS devices on graphic plans



Processing events from PSS devices in real time



Automatic reactions to PSS events



POS system

Working with trading systems: Mobile Card, Frontol, R-Keeper, SuperMag, CSDD, Pilot, ABT, Shtrikh-M



Working with banknote counting machines: Magner350, Glory, Glory-500, Glory UW-F, BPS C4, BPS



Work with counting and sorting machines Laurel K4, Kisan NEWTON, BPS C1 for automated processing of banknotes



Working by the basic Total.POS protocol



Online search for data from POS systems in the POS window



Synchronization of video stream and transaction data (POS), titration of transaction data on video data



External systems and integration

Interaction with the Unified Transport System (UTS) in order to transfer data on the access of employees and vehicles and organize the passage of vehicles based on Waybills



Transfer of media data to the Unified Data Storage Center (ECHD Moscow)

Transfer of faces found in the field of view of the camera, according to the regulations of the ECHD (PARSIV)

Transfer of events about employees' access to third-party systems online via the REST API protocol

VNCommand Interface - the ability for external applications to send text messages to VideoNet

Working with sound

Support for Microsoft ADPCM, G711, G726 and AAC codecs for working with audio streams

Synchronization of system microphones with cameras (during broadcast, recording and playback)

Broadcast of the selected audio file (wav or mp3) using the speaker of the IP device

Broadcast of operator's speech through the connected microphone to the speaker of the selected IP device

Creating audio clips in wav format

Working with PowerVN8-AudioIP audio servers designed to record sound from microphones (up to 8 pieces)


Building, saving and printing generated reports

Generating report templates based on specified filters and relative time intervals

Event report (for any system event)

Integral report


"Heat map" report

The functionality is included in the basic license

Functionality available for an additional fee

     Functionality not available in this version

VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators