Configurable responses and commands

Auto response to events

Using system behavior model, you can automate most processes to avoid false operator actions. You can create a behavior model, estimate probability of certain events and define how the system should response to those events.

When a certain event occurs, the system can generate alarm message or audio alarm, activate video or audio recording, activate PTZ camera tour or send e-mail, SMS message, etc.


Auto response to events


  • Improved safety and security
  • Automated actions
  • High situational awareness
  • Integrates into business processes


Automatic response to different events is an action or sequence of actions which VideoNet system performs in case of signal from detector (e. g., detected motion or loud noise), sensor, access control system or external system.

When a certain event occurs, the system can generate alarm message or audio alarm, activate video or audio recording, activate PTZ camera tour or send e-mail, SMS message, etc.




Create schedule


Wide selection of various event-based actions for smoke detectors, access control systems, microphones, sensors and POS machines; with a wide selection of settings, including closing time and event-based actions during working hours, holidays and after-hours, you can more flexibly adapt security functions to your business operations.

Such flexible system adaptation allows to avoid false alarms, improve situational awareness as well as to automate and manage security and video surveillance process.

VideoNet system allows to create tasks. You can configure tasks using events and event-based actions, and VideoNet system performs these actions when specified events occur. In such a manner you can create your own system behavior model. Any single task may contain a large number of different events for various sources, combinations of different event sources and event sequences.


Any single task represents a combination of events that may occur and event-based actions which VideoNet performs when they occur.



  • Start audio/video recording
    Enables to start audio/video recording according to selected settings.
  • Audio notification
    When a specific event occurs, the system can playback selected audio file. Also, audio file can be played back on operator workstation, IP cameras and IP loud speakers. You can set required number of pauses for cyclic playback.
  • Stop audio/video recording
    Enables to stop recording audio/video.
  • E-mail messaging
    Enables to send alarm messages via e-mail to specified recipients. Also, the system can send files as attachments.
  • SMS messaging
    Enables to send SMS message containing pre-determined text to specific phone number.
  • Object counter reset
    Enables to reset detected objects counter when specified event occurs.
  • Auto view
    Enables to automatically activate specific monitor view (multi cameras view, full screen view, output to spot monitor / video wall)
  • Save snapshot
    Enables to save snapshot of the currently displayed video frame to file and send via e-mail.
  • Add to archive
    Enables to automatically add records to archive. 


  • Launch application
    Enables to launch an executable file (*.exe) on the PC
  • Send command
    Enables to send changing status command to device, security zone or the whole system. Enables to automatically arm/disarm security device, reset alarm or activate relay outputs.
  • Deactivate detector
    Enables to deactivate detector.
  • Camera tours/presets
    Enables to activate a specific PTZ preset or tour.
  • Logging
    Enables to make entry to event log according to pre-selected settings.
  • Generate report
    Enables to run analysis report template, save to storage media or send via e-mail to specified recipients.
  • Activate detector
    Enables to activate detector for selected camera. Or one of its pre-selected settings (zone, sensitivity, object size)
  • Overlay message
    Enables to display pre-determined overlay messages on the camera video.
  • Event output to Event panel
    Enables to throw message to Event panel. 


VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators