Monitoring of POS transactions

VideoNet system can help to identify and prevent losses and violations at the point of sale (POS). VideoNet can deliver all crucial data relating to any incident. Any conflict situation can be effectively resolved using video records with overlay and detailed cash receipt containing additional data about event, e. g. product removal or changed product cost. So, you always get clear evidence.

VideoNet offers a comprehensive set of tools to effectively investigate any cash frauds or violations and make informed decision.

With detailed information obtained from POS machine and effective video surveillance capabilities, you can minimize losses at POS machine, quickly and clearly resolve conflict situations and determine person who is wrong in this situation.

Контроль кассовых операций


Monitoring of POS transactions

Real-time monitoring at POS terminals. Control operation of any individual POS terminal or all terminals at the same time.

Manage archives to quickly find any event for specific time period, identify any incidents, their causes and take response actions. Apply filters to search necessary data. System shows search results in a well structured and convenient manner.


Контроль кассовых операций


With filters you can specify a time interval, POS terminal or transaction, add individual products or product combinations, or product cost. System shows search results in a convenient manner to quickly perform investigation. You only need to view selected video fragment, compare it with cash receipt and make the right decision whether there was a violation.


Compatible cash machines and POS terminals


VideoNet incorporates Total.POS subsystem supporting POS terminals and CSDD, Frontol, R-Keeper, MobileCard, Pilot, Supermag, UPS, Shtrih-M software. Also, the system supports cash machines from leading manufacturers: Newton, Laurel, Glory. Also, VideoNet offers integration with ATMs of following brands: NCR, Diebold, Wincor/Nixdorf, BANQ IT.

Integration allows to associate video image from VideoNet cameras with transactions data available in generated receipt. Systems can share messages on different events and perform various event-based actions. The system offers video capture synchronized with terminal operation log and optional receipt data overlay when capturing or exporting video stream.


Контроль кассовых операций


Advanced features of Total.POS platform


  • Requires no additional equipment installation or cable routing
  • Analysis module compatible with any POS terminal
  • Remote analysis work station support
  • Integration of different cash systems in a single analysis environment
  • Long-term analysis data storage
  • Export in Excel format
  • Highlights rows in cash receipt relating to filter applied
  • Cash receipt details can be zoomed in


Контроль кассовых операций


If the system is not supported by Total.POS subsystem, it can be integrated into VideoNet using Total.POS universal protocol that allows to obtain data about terminal operations from any external system. It can be integrated into VideoNet by configuring transaction data transmission over standard basic protocol of Total.POS subsystem.


Basic types of cash transactions


VideoNet server receives the following events from cash terminal.

  1. New receipt;
  2. Changed receipt;
  3.  Closed receipt / Cancelled receipt / Suspended receipt


When opening a receipt, its type must be specified:

  • Sale;
  • Return;
  • Exchange;
  • Removal;
  • Pay in;
  • Pay out;
  • Emptying the POS;
  • Cash collection;
  • Cash counting.


When changing a receipt, following operations are possible:

  • Add product to receipt;
  • Return product specified in receipt;
  • Change number of products in receipt;
  • Change product cost in receipt
  • Apply discount for product in receipt;
  • Cancel discount for product in receipt;
  • Apply discount for receipt;
  • Cancel discount for receipt;
  • Registrate client card;
  • Cancel client card registration;
  • Enter payment amount;
  • Pay in;
  • Removal;
  • Emptying the POS;
  • Cash collection;
  • Cash counting.
  • Effective video monitoring of cash transactions

Effective video monitoring of cash transactions

As practice shows, nearly half of all the losses in retail stores occur at POS machines. With VideoNet you can effectively reveal and prevent these losses. When needed, you can review violations for the certain last days. For any violation event you can view video record, receipt and detailed event list from POS system.

Our system guarantees not only significant economic benefits, but also increases customer service quality and improves orderliness of personnel working at POS machines. The system reduces losses and not only provides video surveillance across the territory and in the retail store, but also performs video monitoring of cash transactions and offers reliable evidence and analysis of data retrieved from POS machines.


Solution for cash machines to prevent frauds and violations:

  • Cashier discipline violations. Missing of trade rules or job instructions by cashiers. For example, failure to issue receipt to the buyer, counting cash in drawer without administrator, sale of goods without checking the package.
  • Operational violations. Technical errors by cashiers leading to losses of the retail store. For example, product false scanning, incorrect name or number of products specified when entering code manually, sale of underweight goods.
  • Financial violations. Potential fraud actions by cashiers leading to direct losses of the retail store. For example, cancelled receipt or cancelled items in the receipt, non-scanned products, return receipt without actually returning goods, inflated prices.


Контроль кассовых операций

VideoNet software

Video surveillance management, video recording, storage and playback
Records, analyzes and synchronizes audio from video clips
Management, access control, monitoring and alerts
Automatically reveals suspicious behavior and threats
Поиск и анализ
Reports, data search and analysis
Центр мониторинга
Analyzes and compares data, events and signals, sends warnings to operators