New VideoNet 9.1 PSIM SP7 security platform update package

New VideoNet 9.1 PSIM SP7 security platform update package

Dear partners and users!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new update package for VideoNet 9.1 PSIM SP7, our advanced security platform.


Key features of the update:

  • Support for DORS 820F and Magner 175F banknote counters
  • The transition to the new version of the installer has been carried out
  • Many system operation parameters have been optimized
  • Bug fixes have been carried out to improve the stability and reliability of VideoNet 9.1 PSIM SP7.

To take advantage of these improvements, we strongly recommend that you download the updated distribution and update your VideoNet 9.1 PSIM SP7 security system.


Download VideoNet 9.1 SP7


Our team of engineers is ready to answer any of your questions regarding system setup, configuration and equipment connection. Contact us for qualified advice and recommendations.

For further assistance, please contact our technical support service by phone:

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We continue to strive to provide innovative and reliable security solutions to our valued partners and users. The new update package for VideoNet 9.1 PSIM SP7 is a testament to our ongoing efforts to meet your expectations.

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