Video walls and PTZ cameras management using keyboard controllers

VideoNet 9.1 SP4 supports the Hikvision DS-1005KI system controller. Keyboard controllers are designed to manage cameras and the VideoNet user interface without using a computer keyboard and mouse. keyboard controllers allow to control the display layouts of a video walls and select cameras in specific video panels. This option is required on sites with a long perimeter or on sites with a complex configuration for checking alarms or localizing an intruders.


Video walls and PTZ cameras management using keyboard controller


VideoNet allows you to organize Situation Monitoring Centers to control and monitor protected sites and to use an unlimited number of system controllers to control the video walls. Operators can work with one video wall using system controllers and not lose time on complex manipulations.


Manage the VideoNet PSIM user interface:


Manage the VideoNet PSIM user interface:

  • controlling the video wall;
  • switching between monitors;
  • selecting monitor layouts; 
  • selecting video panels and cameras in them;
  • selecting PTZ cameras for controlling with keyboard controller;
  • controlling the player.


Control PTZ cameras:

  • manual pan and tilt movement;
  • positioning on selected object;
  • controlling camera zoom;
  • calling Pan-Tilt-Zoom presets and start patrol programs;
  • checking alarms and localizing an intruder.


VideoNet system supports Axis T8310, Panasonic WV-CU650 and Hikvision DS-1005KI keyboard controllers.