New cross-platform client 2.0

Dear users!

A new version of the cross-platform client 2.0 has been released. The functional cross-platform VideoNet client makes it possible to use the VideoNet PSIM security platform on computers and laptops with various operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS.


New functionality:

  • Multi-server connection. Now the cross-platform client allows you to add VideoNet media servers from different VideoNet networks that are not connected to each other. This allows you to combine all VideoNet servers from different unconnected networks at one workplace and use the following functionality:
  • View video cameras in real time;
  • View video archive for any date;
  • Camera digital zoom control;
  • View the event log;
  • Event log search;
  • Receive notifications;
  • Execute user commands (for example, opening a door, gate, enable/disable guarding, etc.);
  • Listen to audio in real time;
  • Listen to recorded audio for any date;
  • Improved event log search interface;
  • Optimization of work and elimination of errors.

VideoNet cross-platform client 2.0 is supported starting from version 9.1 SP5 build 25981 and higher.