Licence plate recognition, brand new graphic plans, mobile app, Hikvision Access Control System and many other exciting new features in the VideoNet 9.1 SP2 version.

Introducing the security platform release VideoNet PSIM

In the new version, VideoNet 9.1 SP2, we continue to develop a video analysis system. New licence plate recognition modules have been added. Neural network detectors for object type and queue length recognition are based on new-generation neural networks with higher recognition accuracy and the possibility to learn to recognize specific objects. The ability to work with built-in camera detectors has also been added.


We continue to integrate equipment from different security systems manufacturers in a single platform VideoNet PSIM. Support for the whole range of Hikvision Access Control controllers has been added. We suggest using VideoNet as full-featured software for building access management and control system based on Hikvision equipment with convenient reports and working time accounting functionality.


We pay great attention to convenience of working with the platform in the new release. Brand new object graphic plans have become as functional tool as possible for monitoring, control and management. iOS mobile app has been added. Access Control System reports have been improved; changes to the interface have been made for convenience.


New functionality

  • Three licence plate recognition modules have been added within the VideoNet PSIM platform;
  • Object graphic plans have changed. They have become as functional tool as possible for monitoring, control and management;
  • iOS mobile app has been added;
  • Support for the whole range of Hikvision Access Control controllers has been added;
  • Gateway access configuration has been added (for supporting devices);
  • Implemented options for interaction with the Bolid equipment (Collaboration with Orion PRO) and the “Listener” mode;
  • The ability to work with built-in camera detectors has been added;
  • Neural network detectors for object type and queue length recognition have been updated;
  • Fast automatic clip creation option has been added;
  • Universal protocol for connecting Access Control, Fire Alarm System, Perimeter Security System equipment not supported by VideoNet has been added, which simplifies the integration process.


Licence plate recognition module

To manage and control passages of vehicles to the territory of the enterprise, three variants of licence plate recognition modules based on recognition cores are implemented: Base, AutoMarshal, AutoUragan.


The choice of module depends on the task of recognizing licence plates: taking into account the speed of movement, the requirements for illumination in the control zone, the type of television equipment used and the place of its installation. You can choose a recognition module that provides the greatest economic efficiency.

Licence plate recognition module performs:

  • Automatic recognition and registration of licence plates;
  • Saving a licence plate to a database with the date, time and direction of movement;
  • Video recording of passage events. Playback in the player for the selected event from the log;
  • Automatic matching of license plate with databases and issuing a corresponding message to the operator;
  • Automatization of access, access control device management and barrier control;
  • Search for events in a database by number, date, time, recognition result, direction of movement;
  • Video titration with recognized numbers;
  • Informing about passage events by SMS, e-mail, saving a frame, sound signal, etc.

Joint work of the licence plate recognition module and access management and control environment in VideoNet PSIM allows to fully automate the process of car entry.


VideoNet PSIM organizes the joint work of the licence plate recognition system and the Access Control System and allows to:

  • Link vehicle data with a person’s data to account for their passage into the territory on the basis of the vehicle’s passage;
  • Organize vehicles passage based on double verification. Scenario when the access of a vehicle to an object will be allowed provided that the licence plate is recognized and the driver is identified with an access card.

Object graphic plans

VideoNet provides convenient functionality for managing the entire security system directly from the object plans. The use of graphic plans allows combining a large number of various Surveillance, Perimeter Security Systems, Fire Alarm System And Access Control System equipment into a single whole and provide the most complete and informative picture of events at the object.



Now you can customize the point of view of the plan - set the most convenient scale and position for individual parts of the plan. Creating points of representation on the plan will automate frequently repeated actions. For maximum informing of the operator upon the occurrence of an event, the screen mode with a graphical plan will be opened and positioning will be performed on the alarm element.


Switch from the guarded object plan to translation by camera mode or from the current plan level to needed plan level when the alarm is triggered, carry out integrated management of devices placed on the plan, view the archive for the selected camera directly from the object plan.


The system of navigation elements allows you to quickly navigate in the functional toolkit, promptly respond to the situation, and reduce the actions performed by the operator to handle the alarm event. In the event of an incident, the operator with one click on the camera icon can watch a video from the scene, block or unblock the access point of passage, or disable the alarm.


In VideoNet, object plans can be scaled and allow you to control the entire object as a whole. Clusterization - grouping nearby devices into one cluster, have been added so that informativity was not lost when zooming. When an alarm event occurs on any device in the cluster, the indication of the entire cluster will change.


iOS Mobile app

VideoNet iOS mobile app – is an application that allows remote video surveillance and monitoring of the security situation at the object, which is protected using VideoNet system.


The application allows to:

  • View the translation of video and sound of one or across multiple cameras at the same time;
  • Manage the quality of the video stream of each camera;
  • Carry out a digital zooming in of the frame area;
  • Manage PTZ-cameras (rotation, zooming, preset selection, starting patrols);
  • Save individual frames and video fragments to the mobile device;
  • Play video and audio recordings from the VideoNet system archive;
  • Control video playback speed;
  • Search for and view events from the VideoNet system archive;
  • Receive notifications on configured events in the VideoNet system to a mobile device.



VideoNet mobile application performs remote interaction with servers on which VideoNet system version 9.1SP2 or higher is installed.




Support for the whole range of Hikvision Access Control controllers has been added

We continue to develop the PSIM concept and applied it to the access management and control system.


In VideoNet, you can connect Access Control controllers from different manufacturers - HIKVISION, Bolid, Quest - on one object and manage them using VideoNet.


Select different controllers for the access group and for the premises. Restrict access to more important areas of the object using more functional controllers with double identification (card + code) or coercive opening function. And at the same time use general reporting and schedules for all controllers, apply data titration from the access management and control system to obtain all the evidence in one file.


VideoNet software for Hikvision Access Control System

VideoNet is software that can manage Hikvision access management and control systems. The platform has a rich functionality, a modern interface, settings wizard and with its help it is easy to create one complete solution for your business.


Hikvision Access Control controllers connection:



DS-K2601, DS-K2602, DS-K2604, DS-K2801, DS-K2802, DS-K2804.


Hikvision Access Control controllers can control various actuators: electromagnetic and electromechanical locks, turnstiles, barriers, gateways and card receivers.

Gateway mode is implemented. In this mode, the controller controls access through a single access point, which is two doors with an enclosed space between them (the gateway). If one of the doors that make up the gateway is open, then there is no possibility of opening any other door from the gateway. To set up passage modes for time intervals, the “Work modes” tab has been implemented in the Access Control System environment.

With the help of VideoNet, you can build an access control system that can be simply combined with a video surveillance system or an Fire Alarm System device. The user uses one software, receives the full-fledged decision, full awareness and management of systems.


Hikvision Access Control System – VideoNet software

  • Modern software for Access Control Systems
  • Simple integration with video surveillance system
  • Simple integration with Fire Alarm System
  • Various Push notifications
  • Individual access rules
  • Creating flexible schedules considering shifts
  • Convenient reporting system
  • Work time logging system
  • Reports on selected dates, employees, departments, or organization
  • Convenient export of the main reports in the format pdf, Excel, html, rtf for use in the document flow system of organization.



VideoNet is a PSIM class security system that supports the entire range of Bolid equipment: Fire Alarm System, Access Control System, video cameras and video recorders in one software platform. The result is a fully functional and informative solution with maximum interaction of all systems and common management from a single interface. No other security software is required. Connection and management of Access Control System And Fire Alarm System takes place directly in VideoNet software.


Starting with VideoNet 9.1 SP2, additional options for VideoNet interaction with the equipment of the company Bolid are implemented.

  • "Collaboration with Orion PRO" - the algorithm allows you to get the status of devices and send commands to devices.
  • "Listener mode" - allows you to receive the status of devices, sending commands to devices is prohibited.

The use of these options will allow users to simplify the interaction of VideoNet with the existing at the facility Access Control System Or Fire Alarm System Bolid system. It will allow placing devices on graphic plans of an object, receiving alarm events from these devices, organizing various system responses to the occurrence of events and various ways of informing the operator. Implemented configuration import from Orion PRO to VideoNet.



  • Work with the following built-in camera detectors is supported:
  • Intersection detector
  • Detector of entries of the object in the detection area
  • Detector of stays of the object in the detection area
  • Motion detector
  • Object counter

This functionality is useful for solutions where you need to reduce the load on the hardware (server) and reduce the requirements for communication channels.


Fast automatic clip creation option

Fast automatic clip creation option is a convenient functionality that saves time of the operator. Now the process of creating a clip has become fast and automated. You can save the necessary data as a clip in manual mode, automatically create a task in the schedule or create a clip on command from an external system via VNCommandInterface.