Temperature measurement

Temperature control complex with face recognition, logging and reporting

 VideoNet Defender Thermo provides human identification and non-contact measurement of human temperature in real time, detection and warning of detecting people with increased temperature, temperature logging with data for each person. The complex implements the functionality of reporting and statistics.


Implementation of the VideoNet Defender Thermo complex allows to:

  • Ensure safe working conditions for employees
  • Measure employee's temperature without contact
  • Avoid the queue of employees at the checkpoint
  • Automatically keep a temperature log and reports



To ensure safe working conditions for employees, we recommend that employers measure the temperature of employees at the beginning and during the working day, keep a log of temperature measurements and statistics. The complex will warn about the appearance of a sick person and minimize the risk of infection of employees and reduce the risk of closing the enterprise for forced quarantine.


How VideoNet Defender Thermo complex works:

The VideoNet Defender Thermo complex is installed at the entrance of the object. The VideoNet Defender Thermo videostation includes a thermographic system for determining the temperature of a person with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees.



The complex allows you to get the temperature with maximum accuracy. The image from the camera shows the person's face, the temperature is measured, and the employee is identified. The solution can be used as a mobile complex or as a stationary option for permanent access control to the object. Event and temperature data are recorded and available for further analysis.


Automatic logging and reporting of indications of thermography of the person

The VideoNet Defender Thermo video station automates the process of employee thermography, logging and reporting human thermography readings with their identification, and obtaining temperature statistics for a period of time.


The log contains information about the passage time of a particular person, their photo, employee's last name, and temperature. Getting the maximum amount of data about a particular person allows you to build reports and collect statistics. The age detection functionality for visitors.


Early detection of a person with an increased temperature

 The VideoNet Defender Thermo videostation has a mechanism for early warning, detection and identification of a person with an increased temperature. The solution allows you to measure the temperature without contact and control the access of employees to the territory of the object. Automatic employee identification and temperature logging help you avoid queues at the checkpoint and reduce employee labor costs and the risk of cross-infection.


Solution allows to:

  • Quickly and timely identify a person with an increased temperature. The speed of human temperature measurement is less than a second.
  • Use different scenarios: passage point and measuring the temperature of people in the flow
  • Comply with security requirements. The operator observes remotely, he does not need to come close to the person.
  • Inform about the detection of a person with an increased temperature
  • Keep the video archive, events, screenshots
  • Organize joint work with the human face recognition module and access control system






VideoNet is a PSIM-class security system for centralized monitoring of an object and integrated management of security systems: video surveillance, access control, fire and intrusion alarm, and perimeter security. It uses modern analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to create an effective incident response system with various scenarios.


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