Centralized monitoring and diagnosis tool offered by VideoNet system

Diagnotex is a software product for centralized monitoring of VideoNet status. It reveals failures and allows to conveniently maintain and ensure continuous operation of sites with a large number of geographically distributed video stations and remote operator workstations.


Diagnotex – monitoring and diagnosis system 


  • Simultaneous monitoring of a large number of video stations on a single operator workstation;
  • Performance monitoring of video stations and nodes of VideoNet integrated network;
  • Immediate notification and alerts for operator about revealed failures or their symptoms.


Also, Diagnotex tracks actions of operator responsible for VideoNet system monitoring and records time needed for operator to respond to alarm message.



VideoNet network online monitoring offers the following advantages:

  • Early warning and failure prediction system;
  • Monitoring of hardware performance, component failures or invalid parameter changes (out of range);
  • Monitoring of archived data integrity, signal availability, excessive load and invalid system logout;
  • Immediate notification and operator’s action acknowledgement;
  • Mean time between failure reports for VideoNet network nodes;
  • Monitoring of operator response actions to alarm events.


Monitoring environment supports two operation modes:

  • Real time monitoring mode;
  • Report mode.



Report system can monitor the system performance in real time or for specified period. The system delivers a detailed report for each connected video station and facilitates in diagnosis and maintenance of the whole system.

Diagnotex monitoring and diagnosis system is available in two versions: component of VideoNet Defender complete solution or stand-alone software product. It can be used in security systems based on VideoNet software.

When using Diagnotex as a stand-alone software product, it can only monitor VideoNet system performance.

When used as part of VideoNet Defender, in addition to VideoNet performance monitoring system can monitor physical parameters of the video station: CPU temperature, CPU cooler speed, internal temperature, chassis fan speed.


Performance monitoring


Monitoring service can track parameters of each video station. If parameter value becomes above/below a specified value, the system detects failure event and records all necessary data to event log. 

Video station hardware parameters

  • Status of communication line with PC
  • CPU load
  • CPU temperature
  • CPU cooler speed
  • Internal PC temperature
  • Chassis fan speed


VideoNet parameters

  • Status of communication line with VideoNet
  • Volume status
  • Camera status
  • VideoNet virtual memory used
  • Recent record in archive
  • VideoNet start time
  • Windows start time


Advanced parameters

  • Last maintenance date

User can change value of any parameter or use default values. When parameter value exceeds the specified value, monitoring system generate alarm message. Operator must acknowledge the message. Message acknowledgment means that operator saw the message and takes appropriate action to eliminate failure.


Report types


Available report types:

  • All video stations summary report – parameter values of all video station are summed
  • Detailed report – individual parameters of each video station 


Report includes:

  • Time period for which report was created
  • Total number of video station in monitoring system
  • Sum of parameter values of all video stations assigned to monitoring system



Detailed report also includes information about every parameter of video station.

Diagnotex offers two-level security protection: first level – authorization needed to launch monitoring center, second level – user name/password needed for initial connection to remote node of the VideoNet network. In such a manner your Daignotex network can be securely protected from unauthorized access or attempts to change configuration parameters.


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